Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Libraries can benefit from the use of Facebook as it’s easy to create events and send invites to members, to share news happening around the community such as exhibitions - like The British Library - and to help other libraries to communicate easily between them. 

Facebook is highly popular having over 1 billion active users per month which means libraries can connect to a large audience or community without having to use multiple ways to connect. Another positive thing about using Facebook is that the community can also comment and send feedback straight to the library. This could also be used for any queries people have that the library can easily reply to. 

Some quick examples of how a handful of libraries use their Facebook pages: 
  • Libraries like The New York Public Library advertise certain books that they think their audience would enjoy. 
  • The Library of Congress shares old images from their database and interesting facts about the world. 
  • Other libraries advertise classes and workshops that they host so that people can find out about these event much easier like The Saint Paul Library

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Blogs add value to a library’s website. It helps to librarians to put more of themselves and their library to their site. Many people now days are already on social media so it just makes sense that libraries need to keep up to date with today’s technology as well. . Blogs are ideal spaces to share information, educate users, sharing news. Blogs are also beneficial in that it can help libraries share information between them. Librarian’s blogs can share information with colleagues around the world, the community and also promote themselves.

Some kinds of blogs that would benefit libraries are: